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scary maze game

Scary Maze Game

This game challenges all of your hand-eye coordination and concentration expertise. Put your headphones connected, wind up the volume, and assist the dot through the maze to complete each level. Usually do not impact any wall surfaces, yet – if you do, you are going to need to restart through the most beginning!

Scary Maze Game 2

Play Scary Maze Game 2

The 2nd version is similar to that of the prior version. In this version; however, you have to roll the ball through the maze to accomplish each level without touching the sides for the maze. There are five levels into the game. The overall game offers some great music to try out to as well, so make sure to place your headphones on and turn within the volume while you are playing!

Scary Maze Game 3

Play Scary Maze Game 3


The 3rd video game includes a lovely, lovable little mouse this is certainly trapped as part of a labyrinth and requirements to reach the end to get its much-deserved slice of mozzarella cheese. The overall game comes with 5 unique stages, each becoming increasingly difficult. Are you able to help the furry tiny friend get through the maze as well as achieve the mozzarella cheese at the conclusion?

Scary Maze Game 4

Play Scary Maze Game 4

If you should be shopping for an excellent scary maze which will scare the socks off your feet, then search no longer! This unique game offers five levels, each more challenging compared to last. Guide the blue dot through the maze without touching the sides. If you touch the sides, you will need to start at the very beginning! Do you consider you have got what it takes?

Scary Maze Game 5

Play Scary Maze Game 5

This video game features new, difficult mazes so that you can guide the ball through. You will find five levels to this horrifying scary maze– each more difficult as compared to previous. The overall game offers great sound clips too, so be sure to crank the quantity up on your headset while having a blast!

Scary Maze Game 6

Play Scary Maze Game 6

Maze Game 6 contains five new mazes! The object associated with online game would be to guide the basketball through every single labyrinth to your final, without having touching the corners. Examples of new mazes you may expect include an S-shaped maze level, an M-shaped pattern, and loopy, curvy levels. In the event that you accidentally touch the sides, your game will end and you may need to restart at the very beginning – level one. This video game has great sound files, so be sure to have your headphones on and volume all the way up!

Scary Maze Game 7

Play Scary Maze Game 7

This special game is similar to the earlier versions. The thing regarding the game would be to guide the ball through the maze without touching the sides. The graphics are a lot better than some of this previous versions, though – Scary Maze 7 features moving objects and twinkling stars! Some good samples of the improved graphics are levels 2 and 4. Level 2 features a “Mario Brothers” level, in which you need to guide the ball across the mushrooms head, without touching the sides – or touching the moving evil mushroom walking over the top of your head!

Level 4 includes a “Pac-Man” level, where you stand guiding your ball through a big maze (similar to the ones you know and love from the Pac-Man arcade games), without touching the sides for the maze or being caught because of the little ghosts from the initial Pac-Man video games. Are you able to complete each level without acquiring distracted? Let’s find out!

Scary Maze Game 8

Play Scary Maze Game 8

Inside this particular version , assist your daring soldier throughout each labyrinth to your end while not touching the sides. If he accidentally touches the sides – he explodes! While for each mission, you will need to collect the tiny red dots over the path. Do you consider you can do it?

Scary Maze Game 9

Play Scary Maze Game 9


This version boasts Scary Maze completely underwater. Guide the fish to its correct path and you will win the level. But beware, levels get more difficult as you progress through the game.


Scary Maze Game 10

Play Scary Maze Game 10

Not that scary but still features a moneky trying to get to the bananas. Help him get to the bananas while preventing any collision with the walls.

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