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Cute Animal Costume game

Cute Animal Costume The kids will present a musical play about forest animals for the school anniversary celebration. Please assign a role to this boy and girl and choose a set of animal costume for them. Best of luck on the show!

Cute Animal Costumes game

Cute Animal Costumes It’s amusement park time! My best friend and I will buy an animal costume because they look so nice! Do you have any idea which of those costumes is the fanciest one?

Caring Pony Owner game

Caring Pony Owner Who says that only the girls can have a great makeover day? I thought my little and cute Pony already deserved one! So today I bought all the required stuff to prepare her a relaxing and perfect caring day! Now the only thing left to do is use them all in a […]

Oatmeal Facial Makeover game

Oatmeal Facial Makeover Giving the periodical care that your face needs is not as hard as you think! You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to the beauty products you can do your own at home! Come closer and I’ll show you how!

Baby Bathtime Caring game

Baby Bathtime Caring Baby Ruby and her mother Lucy will hopefully have so much fun today! They have planned to take a walk in the park go to the toy store and then enjoy lovely meals at the cafe! But Ruby should take a bath first and put her cutest clothes on. There seems to […]

Baby Koala Caring game

Baby Koala Caring My Australian friend Anthony has found this cute little koala in the backyard of his summer house! This baby was soaked and muddy because of the heavy rain! Now Anthony wants to give it a nice care before they go out to find its mother. Let’s help him out!

The Jedi Princess game

The Jedi Princess Hey Apprentices you have trained very well in the last years and you have just one step left to become a Lady Jedi! Use your combination skills and prepare the Jedi Princess for the fashion wars! May the force be with you!

she came to the world to play with you! What about giving her a new look?

The Angel Princess Every little girl wants to be princess but all the princesses want to have wings to fly away! A princess with wings would be the best! Meet the princess of the angels

The Chic Princess game

The Chic Princess What a lovely spring day! The chic Princess Kate is going to have a walk in the city. She has to find pretty clothes and combine her look with fancy accessories. Could you help her choosing a cute girly outfit so no one can notice that she’s the Princess!

Cat Cat Watermelon game

Cat Cat Watermelon You have to stack all the cats watermelons and other stuff using mouse use A and S to rotate.