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Shopping for Winter game

Shopping for Winter It is discount time! Chloe’s favourite shop reduced the prices on the winter collection so she can buy some fashionable clothes with lower prices! Help her choose the best pieces and don’t forget to take a look at shoes and accessories!

Passion for Shopping game

Passion for Shopping Gina has only one passion in her life and it is surely “Shopping”! Everyday she goes to a big and fancy mall and without exception she turns back home having all her hands full with big shopping bags! Wondering which pieces she prefers to buy more? Then follow me and let’s watch […]

Summer Camp Cleaning game

Summer Camp Cleaning Yay! We are finally in the summer camp! We’re going to swim as much as we like and play games without time limit! But… what’s this smell? Oh boy it seems that the previous campers left the whole place so filthy! Hey we can’t let this ruin our vacation! Let’s grab our […]

otherwise you can lose your job!

Cleaning Time! Boutique You have just been hired by the fanciest boutique in New York! Your responsibility is to clean the clothes shoes and accessories departments and organize the changing rooms! Make sure you finish everything on time

School Locker Cleanup game

School Locker Cleanup Oh no! It’s parent-teacher day again! God knows how Sue’s mother would react if she took a look at her messy locker! Well if she is our best friend we need to start cleaning before they arrive and make sure everything is in its right place!

Elsa Frozen Haircuts game

Elsa Frozen Haircuts Ever since Elsa got a little bit away from home into her own frozen world she has started to make decisions so easily! So firm Elsa is far gone. She is now an innovator who is not afraid of changing her style for good. In fact today she decided that she wanted […]

Clawdia Wolf Haircuts game

Clawdia Wolf Haircuts Monster High graduate Clawdia Wolf is breathtakingly beautiful! Although she currently studies dramatic writing she might fall under the Hauntlywood influence and turn into an actress someday! Why don’t you give her a trendy new hairstyle just in case?

School Girl Style game

School Girl Style The weather is getting hotter and hotter and the students are challenging for being the most fashionable. Check this sweet girl’s wardrobe and help her be the star of the school.