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Fried Ice Cream game

Fried Ice Cream Learn how to prepare a Fried Ice Cream based on a real recipe. Have fun!

Ice Cream Heaven game

Ice Cream Heaven Take care of the ice cream parlor as you bring customers their requested dishes.

China-Ice-Cream game

China-Ice-Cream Make serve some ice cold Popsicle for the little kids.

The Apprentice Icecreamer game

The Apprentice Icecreamer Keep your customers happy by filling their orders.

Tazs Tropical Havoc game

Tazs Tropical Havoc Your goal is to destroy all stone statues so Taz can leave the island.

Mario Rush Arena game

Mario Rush Arena Stop the onslaught of baddies.

Panda Hates Maze game

Panda Hates Maze Use your cursor keys to move Panda and work your way out of the Mazes that Panda does hates so much.

The Morning Walk game

The Morning Walk Avoid all the obstacles along the way. try to walk the dogs as long as you can.

Anna’s Makeup game

Anna’s Makeup Now that Elsa is on her side Anna is happier than ever! And tonight they are throwing a party at the palace to celebrate this joy. Guess who is responsible for Anna’s look! It’s you! Come on then use the wonderful makeup products we have provided you with and make sure she looks […]

Spring Fling Bling game

Spring Fling Bling Elise is going to the spring-themed dance at school! Now that all she reads nowadays is Shakespeare’s classics she feels very much inspired by Princess Katharine and thinks that a princess look would go amazingly with the theme!