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Romantic Flower Princess game

Romantic Flower Princess This princess has lots of flowers in her castle’s garden. Every day she waters them talks to them and says how beautiful they are! She wants to look as beautiful as her lilies while sitting in her fabulous garden!

Anime Flower Princess game

Anime Flower Princess There will be a huge ball tonight and all this cute anime flower princess need is a new and pretty look! However she has some trouble in selecting her costume for the party! Could you help her out? It should be a flawless gown with pretty floral details! Don’t forget to choose […]

Gorgeous Flower Princess game

Gorgeous Flower Princess Spring has come and all the flowers has already bloomed. Can you smell the perfect odors of them? Well then let’s meet the gorgeous flower princess and let her take us to this beautiful spring forest full of amazing flowers and pretty butterflies! So get dressed and follow me..

Mermaid Princess Designer game

Mermaid Princess Designer The little mermaid is waiting for you to dress up and make up

Elegant Mermaid Princess game

Elegant Mermaid Princess Being an elegant mermaid is a chance for everyone that one can get once in a blue moon! So it should be used wisely. As this little girl got the chance of being an elegant and beautiful mermaid of this deep deep ocean for a while she needs your help to use […]

Summer Camp Fashion game

Summer Camp Fashion Summer may be over but this dress up game can remind you of hot summer days. Help this camper look her best. Make sure she is stylish so that she can have lots of fun. If you get it right she will be the camp queen!

Secret Garden Manicure game

Secret Garden Manicure Imagine that there is a secret garden nearby your little house where you can find all the colorful and beautiful smelling flowers! Wouldn’t it be great and so calming? Well maybe there isn’t any secret garden nearby you but in our qualified manicure salon we can create a secret garden just for […]

Nail Art Painting game

Nail Art Painting Let’s get some nail art DIY! Choose your favorite nail length and grounding nail polish then you can start to design your own nail art! Use the polish to draw whatever you like on your nails and decorate them with decals. Or play the challenge mode for more fun!

Funky Nail Art game

Funky Nail Art Give the girls funky nail art.