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Love in Rain game

Love in Rain It is raining outside but who cares? I have my stylish umbrella and my boyfriend came to pick me up with his bike so no one can stop us! Believe me this is the most romantic date I have ever had!

The Love Fountain game

The Love Fountain This couple won’t forget to pose for a photo in front of the Love fountain! It is the first time they have been to Philadelphia and they loved it. They have visited many historical buildings and museums hand in hand they walked romantic parks. Look at them they are cute!

wanna take a look at it? It is so romantic!

Stranded in Love Jack and Jasmine are so in love that they always make surprises to each other! Now this is a photo of their summer vacation

Cooks in Love game

Cooks in Love Gather up girls let’s cook up our love in the kitchen! Bring your lover to this magic kitchen and let me give you the special recipe! In the end believe you’ll become two talented cooks in love! Follow me..

Romance in Valentine game

Romance in Valentine The lovely couple is waiting for spring now they are spending a romantic day.

they were on holiday and suddenly met each other on one of the most romantic nights of Hawaii then realized that they’re actual soul-mates! They fell so in love and decided to become a couple. Now they are getting married! Guess where? Of course where their story starts! Would you like to be a witness of this unique love story?

Hawaiian Love Story This lovely and in-love couple has a lovely Hawaiian story

The Mermaid Love game

The Mermaid Love The Mermaid Love.

Valentine Love Card game

Valentine Love Card Cathy and Hason want to do something special to show their love for each other on Valentine’s Day. They decide to have a photo shoot together and make it into a Valentine’s card. Please help them dress up for the photo shoot so that they look perfect for each other.

Dreaming of Love game

Dreaming of Love What most girls dream about? Finding the true love? Or having the most expensive diamond ring? So meet Julie! She has a date tonight and she’s wondering if her dreams of love will really come true! Wanna be the witness of this love?