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Hiload Proxy For Unblocking Youtube

In some countries, certain videos, songs or sites are blocked, and access to them is restricted by the government. It is also a common practice by many learning institutions or workplaces to limit access to the internet such that some sites are not available. Hiload Web proxy is an internet service used for unblocking sites or social media platforms in places where internet browsing has been censored. It is used in unblocking Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo just to mention a few. Hiload can unblock any website to give you access without any need for added software on your device.

Hiload proxy has been improved and developed over five years to enable it to provide access to any blocked site. Hiload Proxy is an efficient, easy and quick way of unblocking censored internet sites. It is developed to have the ability to unblock 99% of YouTube videos. Hiload also allows you to improve the quality of the video after it is unblocked and even download it if you want. Hiload works with any search engine or browser you have on your device. Whether it is on your phone, laptop or tablet, Hiload will unblock what you need unblocked to grant you easy access. You can still use Hiload Proxy even if your browser does not support HTML5 by using our Flash Player.

Although Hiload Proxy can use any browser, it is easier to it use via Hiload’s Chrome app. Using the Chrome app ensures that you are the only person unblocking a site and provides faster access when you need to revisit the site. Hiload also provides anonymous access to any restricted website. URLs are encrypted, and access only allowed when it is established that your browser session is authentic. Hiload also assures its users that their IP address is always hidden and cannot be revealed at all, the only IP address that is visible is ours. Hiload Web Proxy is always being redesigned and upgraded to ensure we can unblock any site for you while keeping your identity hidden.

Hiload operates on the policy of freedom of speech and expression thus the main reason for providing access to blocked sites. Freedom to access the censored sites is what motivates Hiload Proxy to make sure that our users remain anonymous our endless goal. We aim to provide secure browsing by encrypting URLs that have been visited using Hiload and ensuring they cannot be found in the browser history. Systems used with Hiload Proxy are changed and managed to ensure efficient running of Hiload.

Other than the social media platforms mentioned above it provides access on many other sites. They include Hiload Proxy for Dailymotion, Ebaumsworld, 9GAG, Chilloutzone, CollegeHumor among other media sites. It also unblocks torrent sites like KICKASS, PIRATEBAY, and EZTV just to mention some. Hiload proxy site has a search function where you can input the website and search. It is a convenient, fast and secure way of gaining access on censored or restricted internet material. Hiload Proxy is the definite key to unlocking censored internet content.

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Hiload is free web proxy service that allows you to unblock any site of your choice. But it highly compatible with youtube. You can watch youtube videos and also download youtube videos in mp3, download youtube videos in mp4, download youtube videos in ipad format, download youtube videos for android, download youtube videos in 3gp and download youtube videos for mobile phones and iphones. Also this service allows you to download dailymotion videos in mp3 and mp4 format easily.

Hiload is anonymous web proxy service and unblocker website for unblocking websites at school or any other restricted place. This service is highly anonymous, thus you can protect your identity while still alowing you to access youtube and access MySpace.

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Using this website is very easy. Just put youtube address in the field below and start browsing it. Also you can put any other website address as well.