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Santa Claus Beardy Makeover

Santa is getting ready for Christmas! He already organized the presents and wear them his sleigh! Even so, that’s not the all job! He and his reindeer need to get a makeover prior to a big night, far too! Let’s help Santa choose a style both with regard to himself and his or her reindeer!

Star Girl Beauty Spa Salon

Famous people are always from the spotlights and this may not be good for his or her beauty. Listed here is a star girl who would like to change in addition to refresh. Help her gain her magnificence again. She’s going to be shining such as a star using the style that you simply create!

Disney Princess Casting Audition

Have you actually wondered how Disney princesses look before they may be famous? Here, Snow White, Elsa and Ariel head over to Disney’s casting audition. Seeing the spark included, the jury decides to supply these girls any makeover. Can you help the princesses to be able to amaze the jury?

Strawberry Makeover

Strawberry is this type of skin-pleasing fruit! It has any substance that helps us eliminate the dead skin cells so that youthful skin is actually revealed. Help our wonderful girl here say goodbye to her worn out skin by using these amazing blood skin products. After which it dress her up using the best clothes!

Santa at the Spa

Ho ho ho! Santa claus is indeed enthusiastic to offer gifts towards young children! They have also been spending so much time to accumulate gifts for the complete year! Right now, just before he / she leaves to offer the gifts, he / she requires a medicine! Treat them together with rubs in addition to […]

Magical Spa Day

Don’t you imagine that some magical touches could make you relax and feel far more calm than actually? Then, welcome to our perfect spa salon ladies! Today will be the Magical Spa Evening and you’re going to be amazed a good deal with the perfect touches of our own qualified masseurs. We all are likely […]