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Pet Truck

These kind of adorable very little animals need to have aid dealing with their particular brand-new managers. You need to drive all of them anywhere to their brand-new properties. Controls: Instructions are in the game. Enjoy these Didi Games

Cat In A Cape

Kitten Inside a Cape is often a adorable vintage design platformer, leap in addition to explain to you the actual fun levels, obtaining fruits in addition to living opponents in addition to tiger traps. Controls: Arrow Keys = Move Enjoy these Didi Games


A new adorable vintage podium game. Bounce ‘n explain to you 12 splendid maps. Collect power-ups, flatten opponents, leap more than tiger traps, save the lady. Controls: Press left,right or A,D to walk Enjoy these Didi Games

Monkey and Banana

Help the actual goof accumulate as numerous apples as you possibly can ahead of the gorilla’s hook an individual! RUN RAPIDLY! Controls: Use arrow keys to control the monkey Enjoy these Didi Games

Woman On Top

The reason do you participate in tough to get, little one? Show ones loving love through flying towards woman! Controls: Left/Right arrows to move Up arrow to jump. Enjoy these Didi Games

Teddy Bears Adventure

Very little Teddy can be eager. Just like each and every has, this individual usually spends nearly all of their day time to consume and find pertaining to much more foodstuff. Starts off to help stroll and you need to figure out how to work swifter. You need to accumulate as often foodstuff as you […]

SpongeBob And Patrick:Dirty Bubble Busters

Sponge William troubles the actual nasty soiled bubbles in the ocean. Use the marine tremendous airborne debris catcher to aid the actual sponge or cloth bob sending the actual megastars to help overthrow in addition to most invading Beachs filth. Are you able to maintain the sting bikini beach front ocean fresh? Controls: Arrow keys […]

Brave Run

Daring Meridia can be enjoying a work in the natrual enviroment through your ex property. Help your ex start in addition to slide your ex approach throughout the road blocks. Controls: Simply point and click to control the Didi Games character Enjoy these Didi Games

Out At Night Adventures

This litttle lady went out during the night towards the graveyard! His or her usually are things everywhere you go! Controls: Press Spacebar to hide from the monsters. Enjoy these Didi Games

Smokey Joe

A new difficult in addition to complicated platformer which shows and also entertains. Help ones persona accumulate cig butts in addition to transform choking smokers whilst learning about the effect which smoking is wearing our universe in addition to wellness. Controls: Use your Up Arrow to Jump, left arrow to move left and right arrow […]