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Oscar Party Dresses game

Oscar Party Dresses The splendor and the magical atmosphere of the Academy Awards is tough to maintain! That’s why people have started working relentlessly for the next year’s show! And believe me actresses have already started thinking what they would wear if they were nominated! How would you want your favourite actress to look like?

Chic School Girls game

Chic School Girls It’s time for school! The three chic school girls Emily Ruby and Ava should get up and get dressed for another school day! Please choose the most beautiful clothes from their wardrobe. You can change their hairstyles too. Have fun!

it is Fashion!

Joy of Fashion I love acting like a fashionista and I can do what it takes to be the most famous fashion model ever who rocks the fashion world! So for this aim I always follow the new trends and create newest designs to prove my unique fashion sense. Wondering why I’m so interested in […]

you can use whichever fruit you love to wave your own country’s flag on your delicious cheesecake! Good huh? Then let’s start preparing it!

Cheesecake Flag Cake Would you like to treat a fruit flavored creamy and delightful cheesecake to your guests for five o’clock tea party? Well here a special cheesecake recipe for you! The best part is

Restaurant Rush Hour game

Restaurant Rush Hour We always complain when our food is late in a restaurant. But have you ever been on the other side of the counter? I promise you it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s the busiest hour at Garden Grill Restaurant and the customers want their food and they want it now! […]

Jewelry Design Race game

Jewelry Design Race Are you ready for a challenge? You and a computer will design jewelries at the same time. To be the winner you have to finish your job faster than computer. Don’t forget to drag the elements in the right order. Finish creating all the beaded necklaces and be the jewelry master!

I’ll take you to a dress-up shop where you can find a lot of glamorous gowns! Ask help from the shopkeeper and have your stunning dresses to be the most fascinating woman anywhere at anytime!

Dress-up Shop No woman can deny that she wants to have the most impressive look among the other ones! But not all women can have it. However I can do you a little favor and tell you what you should do if you wanna be the most stunning one among your best friends! Just follow […]

Couple Dress Up game

Couple Dress Up Choose the right type of dress for this cute lady.

Party Girl Makeover game

Party Girl Makeover Hey! Tonight the craziest party will be thrown here and I’m invited too! So I really need to look crazy but perfect! Can you help me decide what to wear? Well thank you! But before we need to apply the craziest party makeover! C’mon!