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before she needs to get prepared! Let’s help her huh? It’ll be fantastic to pick a glamorous Chinese dress for her. Now let’s start with a Chinese style makeup ladies. Come on roll up your sleeves and come closer!

Barbie in China We all are aware of Barbie’s love of traveling! She has gone almost every country of the world and looks like it’s now time for her to visit China! Oh I almost forget

Barbie Country Horse game

Barbie Country Horse Barbie loves going to the country house she spent her childhood in! It feels so relaxing to spend her time with her favourite animals and the people she grew up with. Don’t you want to join her and get a taste of how it feels to be away from the commotion?

His & Hers IV game

His & Hers IV Girls you remember our lovely couple right? They love looking like a couple so they always wear similar clothes! Well this time they are going to an enjoyable birthday party so they need funny clothes for this event! Let’s help this couple look alike as always!

Couple on Yacht game

Couple on Yacht The newly-married young couple Katie and John are on their dream honeymoon on a luxury yacht. Their next station is an exotic island paradise! Capture the excitement of these lovebirds and make them look stunning!

Passion for Fashion game

Passion for Fashion Fashion has always been a passion for every single woman! Katy is just one of them she’s fond of fashion and latest trends! Well she loves also looking good and gorgeous so everyday before going out she applies her facial beauty products to look more amazing than ever! C’mon let’s check out […]

this season all the famous designers have been inspired by the geometric and contrasting colors! So when you go out and walk around under the shining sun you’ll surely sparkle sweethearts! Now come closer and check out this this season’s hottest fall trends. Then pick the most eye-catching pieces with contrasting colors to look prettier than ever!

Contrast Colors Fashion Under the spotlights every girl wants to look stunning! Here is the good news ladies

Dream Water Park game

Dream Water Park I have a brilliant idea! Let’s go to the water park today! It will be so much fun! We can swim play games and use all the fun facilities over there! Let me get my swimsuit so that we can go! I’m so excited!

Spring in Blossom game

Spring in Blossom Get ready for a beautiful Spring in Blossom girls! Cause the Spring season will be here soon with its perfect odors and colors! The trees have already bloomed out! How about going out and smell the perfect odors of the flowers? Then follow me…

Next Top Fashionista game

Next Top Fashionista Not many people are considered fashionistas. Would you like to be one of them? Being at the top is a bit more challanging. You have to go shopping and mix and match the right stuff!