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Snake Shots game

Snake Shots You are trapped in a very mysterious rainforest and you should collect the points to find the way available. There are usually magical snakes which will challenge you using a puzzle game in this jungle. Play the game and match at the very least three very same colored gem stones by taking pictures […]

Mario Puppets game

Mario Puppets Make the Marios! Jump up next to other Marios from the same colour.

Honey Flows game

Honey Runs Little bees may be buzzing occasionally everyday to extract honey for any whole summer time. Now it is time for any good pick! There is sufficient of darling storing inside hives. Please help the beekeeper to accumulate honey. Attempt to gather darling from each and every comb by means of linking seeing that […]

Cascade game

Cascade Click on groups from the same color to get the groups to disappear. Attempt to get almost all blocks eliminated.

Germz game

Germz Defend yourself towards an onslaught regarding mischievous Germz! Really the only hope is always to match Germz to destroy these and accomplish your aims. Matching 4 or even more will discharge powerful Antibodies that you could match to unleash any PowerBlast against the Germ large numbers.

Kazooball game

Kazooball Capture the colored balls next to others down the path when you try to make groups regarding 3 or even more.

Stoneium game

Stoneium The goal is always to remove each of the stones on each amount by hooking up stones from the same colour. Each level consists of a number regarding stones hooked up together on the chequered board using the mouse to relocate the stones you possibly can match the different shades. If an individual connect […]

Buboomy game

Buboomy Also my our god! This spot is surrounded by the creatures called