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Santa Claus Beardy Makeover

Santa is getting ready for Christmas! He already organized the presents and wear them his sleigh! Even so, that’s not the all job! He and his reindeer need to get a makeover prior to a big night, far too! Let’s help Santa choose a style both with regard to himself and his or her reindeer!

Santa at the Spa

Ho ho ho! Santa claus is indeed enthusiastic to offer gifts towards young children! They have also been spending so much time to accumulate gifts for the complete year! Right now, just before he / she leaves to offer the gifts, he / she requires a medicine! Treat them together with rubs in addition to […]

Pile Up Santa

Stack as many santa as you’re able.

Santa Queen

Christmas is receiving so close! Cute girl Sara gets ready for Holiday Eve! She has been given lots of presents even just before Christmas. She opens the gift boxes and sees they are full of vogue items! Let’s see what she’s and dress her up with him or her!

Santa’s Christmas Shop

Santa just isn’t a young gentleman anymore. He is fed up with rushing between the houses and looking to go down by way of chimneys. But we have good news! He opened a gift shop so that you can choose whatever you prefer for your friends and relations. He will wrap up each gift entirely. […]

Santa’s House Makeover

Santa has also been very busy during the holiday season. He is spending his time wrapping up the gifts in addition to delivering them. He does not have time to tidy up his house. Luckily he has friendly elves! Let’s help the elves tidy up Santa’s house. Santa will likely be so happy whenever he […]

Santa’s Reindeer Care

Santa is any busy man whenever Christmas arrives because he has to deliver numerous gifts. While he’s hurrying between your chimneys, his much loved assistant Rudolph operates hard too. That’s why Santa claus loves him a lot and he’ll look after Rudolph today. Do you wish to help Santa?

Santa’s Cannon

You are Santa looking to shoot toys to houses worldwide.

Santa’s Rooftop Hop

Help Santa deliver all of the presents on time for Yuletide day!