18+ Broly X Cheelai Background

18+ Broly X Cheelai
. All property rights belong to toei animation dragon ball super: Cheelai (チライ, chirai) is formerly a soldier of the frieza force.

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Without thought or reason he retreated to the only thing he knew taking a piece of something he had been missing with him. Cheelai was here but she wasn't… and broly tucked her limp form and blasted across the planet to find the lone refuge in a single cave… it was the only thing he could remember to do when he was a child. This was mainly a brush exercise, im really liking the chalky feel on the shading.

Adds broly's collar from the outfit as an accessory and cheelai's scouter without the hair.

See more ideas about dragon ball z, dragon ball super, dragon ball. Realizing his brother's ambitions for broly, he had decided to have schemes of his own. Male broly reader x cheelai by victor hernandez 21.9k 635 19 after the destruction of of planet vegeta, all of the saiyan race have been wiped out by the all mighty emperor frieza due to his hatred towards the saiyans. In other words, he had bigger problems.