31+ Cragmaw Hideout Map Gif

31+ Cragmaw Hideout Map
. If you believe a rule has been broken. The entrance to the cave complex was under a large hill, and had a shallow stream flowing out of it.

Cragmaw Hideaout 32x22 Battlemaps
Cragmaw Hideaout 32×22 Battlemaps from i.redd.it

Someone in phandalin might know location or a captured goblin if players. I'm familiar with cragmaw hideout, too. Cragmaw hideout encounters (lmop dm guide).

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A twisting cave complex filled with goblin bandits and their horrible pets.! This week's map is based on the cragmaw hideout map by mike schley for the lmop adventure. I made up the cragmaw hideout map with 2d cavern tiles by fat dragon games, many of which i modified to better represent the essential encounter elements. Besides the normal rewards you already used to get every month, i'll be able to release free maps from time to time for the community.